Tuesday, July 16th 2024, 7:36am UTC+2

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Hello new Gamer,
and welcome to World of Paranoid!

We are happy you found us
and want to be a part of our community!

A little bit about us:
We are a private World of Warcraft Server
with bl!zzlike rates and 2 Realms.
One Realm has patch 2.4.3 and The Burning Crusade (TBC).
The other Realm has patch 3.3.5a and
Wrath of the Lichking (wotlk).

Both Realms have bl!zzlike rates,
this means: Experience, drops and reputation
are the same as on bl!zz-server with the same patch.

You should also know:
World of Paranoid has a mainly german speaking community.
Our Gamers live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland,
but we´d also like to find new friends and
Co-Player from all over the world.

You can find Patches and Realmlists in our How To´s.
Please activate your Ingame-Account
after registering in our forum.

For any further questions,
don´t hesitate to ask our Team or
our community ingame, in forum or in TS³.

With your registration you accept the rules of
You can find there here: Ingame-Rules and Forum-Rules .
Violation against our rules can lead to account-ban.
The rules are not open to discussion.

Although Admins and Mods are eager on controlling posts,
it´s not possible to check all posts
and pictures for copyrights.
Posts show the opion of the author,
not of the World of Paranoid - Admin or
the WoltLab GmbH.
If users posted texts or pictures
without contacting you for copyright-issues,
please contact our Team and we´ll remove it.

You need a valid E-Mail-Address!
World of Paranoid will NOT give your information
to a third party.
You can check in your Account-Settings,
who can see your E-Mail-Address.

See you ingame :)

~ your Para-Team ~